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Great Supplement For Triathletes

Designed to provide an almost instant, easy on the stomach boost, Revvies are small, light and easy to consume on the go. No chewing. No sticky waste. No need for water. Revvies Energy Strips truly are an great supplement for triathletes.

From sprints to full Ironman events, Revvies are used to boost performance by helping to mask feelings of fatigue, reducing perceived effort, and assist in the conversion of fat to energy.

Because they are sugar-free and can be taken without water, they allow hydration, fuel and caffeine strategies to be separated, allowing optimum race day nutrition plans to be developed and implemented for all courses and conditions.

With regular consumption, Revvies will help you to burst through your barriers and concentrate on meeting your training and racing goals.

"I recommend you try Revvies, they have become an essential part of my training and racing regimen." 

Pip Taylor, Former Pro Triathlete and Accredited Sports Dietitian (pictured).


Revvies Energy Strips Starter Pack (3 x 5PK)

Revvies Energy Strips Starter Pack (3 x 5PK)


Save with our Starter Pack contains 2 x Revvies great tasting Tropical Hit 5P, plus 1 x Cola Lemon Spark 5Pk, and 1 x i.e. 15 strips in total for just $13.95, and free shipping! (RRP in stores would be $14.85).

Revvies award-winning energy strips have been designed to provide a faster, easier on the stomach boost that can be taken anywhere, anytime, and without water. Revvies 40mg caffeine strips are also vegan, gluten-free, and less than one calorie. 

Revvies Energy Strips are used by professional runners, cyclists, triathletes and sports teams to achieve optimal performance in training and on race and game day. They are also great as a pre-workout boost.

The caffeine in Revvies will help you maintain focus and allow you to train and race at peak performance for longer by masking feelings of fatigue, reducing perceived effort, and helping convert fat to energy.

With regular consumption (1-2 strips prior to exercise, then one strip every 45 - 60 minutes of exercise), Revvies Energy Strips will help you to burst through your barriers and achieve your goals.

Accredited through the Informed-Sport quality assurance program, athletes and consumers alike can have peace of mind about the safety and quality of our products.

"I love Revvies...Fast, convenient and easy on my stomach."

– Eloise Wellings, Dual Olympian and 9 x National Champion.

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Former Australian Pro Triathlete and Accredited Sports Dietitian Talks Revvies 

Customer Reviews

Thought I would give these Revvies Energy Strips a go with my training towards my first Half Iron man on the sunny coast. Had my first strips last night prior to a 7 mile run. Fantastic product would highly recommend a little hard to open so not sure during an event but don't let that stop you. Give them a go!!!

Mark Randell

Verified Buyer

First time using Revvies, smashed out 10 miles. Never felt fatigue or the need to slow down. Flavour was great, so easy to digest. Can’t wait to test them over longer distances.

Tracy Feiner

Verified Buyer

I have been using them in my lead up to Ironman 70.3 and will be using them instead of the normal caffeine gels. I have essential tremors and normally have to steer clear from caffeine related products but taking it this way I am able to regulate the dosages with how I am feeling keeping my tremors still under control. Great product and they taste good too!

Rachel Gorrie

Verified Buyer

Every Batch Tested For Purity

Revvies accreditation through both the Informed-Choice and Informed-Sport quality assurance programs, provides athletes and consumers with peace of mind, as they know every batch is tested for WADA banned substances by the world class sports anti-doping lab, LGC before going on sale. Is this really needed? Unfortunately, the answer is yes, because independent studies have continuously shown that on average 1-in-10 products is contaminated or spiked with a WADA banned substance, many of which pose health risks to users.