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If you're a runner I recommend Revvies. Fast and light on my stomach, they are the perfect boost before and during any run.


Eloise Wellings - Dual Olympian and 9 x National Champion

Been trying these recently in marathon training. They're great, unbelievable kick, easy to carry and take, and unlike gels that sit on your stomach won't cause gut problems. Taste good too.


Gareth Irvine

I love these. They’re great for my 6.15am PT sessions. I hate having liquid energy drinks in my stomach before my early workout... These little strips give me the same energy boost but with none of the bloating of fullness from food or liquid. They taste great and melt easily.


Kirsty Sewell - Facebook Review

I’ve been trying these for a few months now. They’re fantastic. And I think they were a big help in me getting a half marathon PB today! Thank you Revvies.


Daniel Lewsey - Facebook Review